Please refer to your syllabus to see which readings are starred as most essential and for the pages and chapters required from the books.

If there are any difficulties accessing the documents, please let me know. They are all available online and/or in the library database as well.

Week 2 Conceptualizing Gender: Essentialism and Constructionism.

Judith Lorber, “Biology as Ideology” (correct article this time!)

Judith Lorber, “Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender”

Emily Martin, “The Egg and the Sperm”


Week 3 Performance Theories

Reading for Tuesday:

West and Zimmerman, “Doing Gender”

Erving Goffman, Introduction to The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Erving Goffman, “Gender Advertisements” (just browse the images and the categories he presents–don’t bother reading the essay)

Reading for Thursday:

Judith Butler, “Subversive Bodily Acts”

bell hooks, “Is Paris Burning?”

Week 4 Conceptualizing Gender: Structures and Institutions.

Reading (focus on the Henley/Freeman and the Yancey Martin articles):

Nancy Henley and Jo Freeman, “The Sexual Politics of Interpersonal Behavior”

Patricia Yancey Martin, “Gender as a Social Institution”

Joan Acker, “From Sex Roles to Gendered Institutions”

Nancy Bauer. June 20, 2010. “Lady Power.” New York Times.

And, for Thursday, be sure to look over the chapters in the book along with the following:

Karin A. Martin, “Becoming a Gendered Body: Practices of Preschools”

Week 5 Bodies and Boundaries

Tuesday, October 5:

Anne Fausto-Sterling, “The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough.”


Sharon E. Preves, “Sexing the Intersexed: An Analysis of Sociocultural Responses to Intersexuality.”

Thursday, October 7:

Katrina Roen, “‘Either/Or’ and ‘Both/Neither’: Discursive Tensions in Transgender Politics.”

Patricia Gagne, Richard Tewksbury and Deanna McGaughey, “Coming Out and Crossing Over: Identity Formation and Proclamation in a Transgender Community.”

Melissa Jeltson, “Children’s [Hospital Boston] Gives Transgender Tween New Hope.”

Week 6 Bodies and Boundaries

Tuesday, October 12:

Jacquelyn N. Zita, “Male Lesbians and the Postmodernist Body.”

Thursday, October 14:

Gili Warsett. September 10, 2010. “An Anatomy of a Breakup.” New York Times.

Week 7 Sex and Sexuality

Tuesday, October 19:

Pepper Schwartz and Virginia Rutter, “Sexual Desire and Gender.”

Mother Jones interview with Meika Loe, “The Rise (and Rise) of Viagra.”

Thursday, October 21:

Lisa Diamond, “What Does Sexual Orientation Orient? A Biobehavioral Model Distinguishing Romantic Love and Sexual Desire.”

Daryl Bem, “Are Self-identified Bisexuals Just Lying to Us—or to Themselves.”


Week 8 Gender and Families

Tuesday, October 26:

Browse Stephanie Coontz’s website: and read: “The American Family: Where We Are Today” and “The American Family” (these can be found on Coontz’s website)

Lisa Belkin, “The Opt-Out Revolution.”

Peg Tyre and Daniel McGinn, “She Works, He Doesn’t.”

Thursday, October 28:

Paula England and Nancy Folbre, “The Cost of Caring.”

Arlie Hochschild, “Joey’s Problem” in The Second Shift.

Week 9 Labor Markets, Economy and Work

Tuesday, November 2:

Barbara Reskin, “Sex Segregation in the Workplace.”

Christine L. Williams, “The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men in the ‘Female’ Professions.”

Thursday, November 4: Film: The Great Happiness Space

Lisa Taddeo, “Rachel Uchitel Is Not a Madam.”

Week 10 Gender and the State

Tuesday, November 9:

Ann Shola Orloff, “Gender and the Social Rights of Citizenship.”

Lynne Haney, “Homeboys, Babies, Men in Suits: The State and the Reproduction of Male Dominance.”

Thursday, November 11:

New York Times series, “Women at Arms,” reading/articles TBD:

Malathi De Alwis, “The Changing Role of Women in Sri Lankan Society.”

Week 11 Gender and Politics

Tuesday, November 16:

Lila Abu-Lughod, “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?”

Thursday, November 18:

Collins, Gail and Stacy Schiff. August 18, 2010. “Of Mama Grizzly Born?” New York Times.

Week 12 Gender Violence

Tuesday, November 23:            Reading TBD. Possible guest speaker.

Week 13 Beyond Gender?

Tuesday, November 30:

Donna Haraway, “Situated Knowledges.”

Kantrowitz, Barbara and Pat Wingert. August 16, 2010. “Are We Facing a Genderless Future?” Newsweek (online version).


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